Five Finger Book Selection

The five finger rule describes the process that your child will use in selecting books that are appropriate for him/her. The selected book will be conducive to reading with greater success and confidence. It will also enhance your child's ability to read fluently.child reading
Then, he/she will extend all five fingers of one hand. After opening this book to a random page, the child will attempt to read this page in its entirety. For each word that he/she is unable to read, the child will put a finger down.
all five fingers are down.......................this book is most likely too difficult for the child;
all five fingers are up............................this book is most likely too easy for the child;
some fingers have remained up...........while others have been flipped down, this book is most likely appropriate for the child.
Your child will use this process in school. However, there may be times when it would be helpful to review the five finger rule at home. He/She will also be choosing a Free Book Pick for the week. This is a book that the child wants to read regardless of its level. It may be too easy or too difficult. I hope that this information is helpful in helping your child to choose books.

Five Finger Book Selection (download)