Indian Fields Attendance Policy

Punctuality and attendance are important habits for students to develop and maintain. In keeping with the NJ State Education Code, we recommend that, except in the case of illness—particularly contagious illness, vomiting, or fever, recognized religious holidays, family emergencies or serious conditions, your child should be in school and arrive on time.

Family vacations and other non-educational activities should be planned so they do not interfere with school attendance. Student absence due to family vacations and travel is strongly discouraged as it is disruptive to student learning. Teachers do not provide work in advance of such absences.

Excessive tardiness and absenteeism is monitored, and as necessary, administration will contact parents. Please respect the importance of the school day by insuring your child’s daily attendance and timely arrival.

In the event of absence:
It is a parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to call the school when a child is going to be absent. The district’s voicemail system is operative 24 hours a day so you may place a call at any time. When calling the school to report an absence, please give the child’s full name, reason for absence and the date(s) of absence. It is district policy that any “un-notified absence” will result in a call from the school and will be classified as “unexcused.” Please note that a student who is absent from school during the day may NOT participate in any after school or evening events.

In the event of lateness:
If a student must report to school late, the parent must escort the student to the office and provide the office staff with the reason for the tardiness. The parent must sign the student in at the main office.

In the event of early sign-out:
Early sign-out from school is discouraged; however, we realize there are times when this will occur. Please send a note in advance to alert us of the need to sign your child out early from school. The parent must come in to the main office to sign the student out.